Meet the Team

Tamara White- Bradford

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Tamara White-Bradford earned her Bachelor’s Degree in History with a concentration in African Studies at Rutgers University and her MEd in Instructional Design at Western Governors University.  She taught history for several years and it was during that time that she created and taught a full year African Studies curriculum.  She founded AsOne in 2006 with her students when she returned from her first trip to Uganda where she had been volunteering as a teacher at a secondary school in Kiboga.   Tamara incorporated international development and sustainability into her African Studies course and her students designed and implemented income generation projects to address child labor and health issues faced by extremely poor families in both the rural and urban areas. AsOne subsequently built Sekito Primary School in Wobulenzi Town, Central Region in 2015. Tamara left teaching that same year and has been volunteering for the organization on a full-time basis ever since.

John Sekito

Project Coordinator

John Sekito earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Education at Kampala University.  John and his younger siblings were orphaned by both parents when he was just a toddler. They were raised by their maternal great grandmother who was extremely poor and sick.  At the age of just six years old, John went to work on neighbors’ farms to support his family and earn school fees for himself and his siblings and when they were old enough they were also forced to work.   John was in his second year of secondary school in 2007 when Tamara White came to his village to research child labor and teach at his school. John was a member of the first class of students sponsored by AsOne Global.  His first teaching job was at a government school where he found himself giving away his salary so that his students would not have to engage in child labor to earn school fees. John started Sekito Junior School in 2013 for extremely poor students.  

Dina Ssuubi

Project Manager

Dina Ssuubi joined the teaching staff at Sekito Junior School in 2014. Dina herself came from an impoverished family. As a very young child she was forced to work exploitive jobs in order to bring home money to supplement her family’s income and pay for her own school fees. When her parents attempted to sell her as a child bride, Dina ran away from home. She had struggled her entire life but could not bear the thought of not completing her education. Through great perseverance Dina not only completed her education but she also became the lead teacher at Sekito Junior School and the Project Manager for Sekito Farm. Her childhood experiences have literally saved the lives of several of her students as she empowers children to confide in her when they are in danger. Her unique ability to light up a classroom and engage her students’ passion for learning make Dina an invaluable asset to the school.      

Rona Gelman

Chief Operating Officer

Rona Gelman earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Art at SUNY Oswego in 2005 and her Masters in Fine Arts and Archives from SUNY Brockport in 2009. Most recently Rona worked as a project coordinator for a Fortune 500 commercial HVAC company in Rochester, NY where she also volunteered as a fundraising and events coordinator. Over the last 6 years Rona has organized numerous company sponsored charity events which benefited nonprofits including: Alzheimer’s Association, local domestic violence shelters, local breast cancer centers, homeless shelters and animal shelters/rescues. Rona strongly believes that regular every day people have the ultimate power to change the world through one small act of kindness at a time. She hopes to bring her unwavering optimism to AsOne Global in the hopes that it will inspire others to act.

Jordan Jones

Marketing Director

Jordan Jones joined the AsOne Global team in 2015 to help continue to spread the AsOne Global story as she currently leads the marketing and digital marketing initiatives. Jordan graduated from Rutgers University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Information with an emphasis on public relations and marketing and a minor in psychology.  Jordan’s current work is highly focused and disciplined in the world of marketing and public relations. She is currently a Senior Account Manager at KnightsBridge Park, a luxury Real Estate digital marketing firm located in NYC. Jordan is also a second-degree black belt in martial arts and currently holds two World Titles in forms and sparring.   

Ishaan Maisuria

Social Media Director

Ishaan Maisuria is currently a junior studying at the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Global Business with a concentration in Digital Media & Technology. Ishaan Joined AsOne Global as a volunteer in 2018 when he began selling jewelry for Tamara to fundraise for AsOne Global. After learning more about Tamara’s organization, in 2019, Ishaan joined her on a trip to Uganda. Ishaan was able to visit the school and meet those who benefit from this organization in person. After his journey, he felt obligated to do more for those he met in Uganda. He now holds the position of Social Media Director for AsOne Global. He continues to help the organization to this day.

Farrah Alkhaleel

Co-Founder and Board Member

Board Member Farrah Alkhaleel is a MD-PhD student at Penn State College of Medicine. As a former student of Tamara’s, she helped to establish and grow AsOne Global during her high school and college years. In 2007, while a sophomore in high school, she applied for and received 501c3 nonprofit status for AsOne Global. In 2009,  she was awarded the Prudential Community Spirit Award for her volunteer and fundraising efforts for the Nsambya Women’s Project, one of AsOne Global’s first initiatives in Uganda. While at the University of Pennsylvania, she continued to build AsOne Global with Tamara by partnering with the Wharton School of Business and the Netter Center for Community Partnerships to educate and expand African Studies education in West Philadelphia. For fun, she enjoys running, playing tennis, and practicing yoga.   

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